Run your business without worrying about technology.

We empower Vancouver businesses with proactive IT solutions.


Is it time for a managed service plan? Assess your IT needs here! FrontierMSP is available in-person for small businesses and corporate clients in Greater Vancouver, and remotely across Canada.

  • Are you spending more time on your IT than your work?
  • Compromising your network with outdated software?
  • Still running old and slow hardware?
  • Do you need issues fixed right away?
  • Do you need reliable data backups?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it's time to consider a managed service plan.

Remote Tech Support

If an employee needs IT support or their workstation is not working properly, we can often diagnose and repair the problem remotely.

Managed Upgrades

Don't let outdated software compromise the security of your data. We ensure your software and operating systems are kept up to date.

24/7 System Monitoring

Let us spot potential issues with your network, devices, or hosted services before they occur. Our system agent works on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Complete Peace of Mind

Our goal with this service is to provide a complete and fully managed solution. Let us focus on your IT so you can focus on your business.


The Basics

Comprehensive IT Support
• Helpdesk support for troubleshooting
• Remote Assistance via Screen Sharing
• Device setup and maintenance
• On-site Support for critical issues
Cybersecurity Essentials
• Enterprise Grade Endpoint Protection Suite
• Firewall setup and monitoring
• Email protection - Anti-spam configuration
• Device security patching
Backup & Disaster Recovery
• 3-2-1 Backup Philosophy
• Disaster recovery planning and testing
• Rapid response
• On-site assistance for data restoration

Advanced Offerings

Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions
• Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS)
• Employee training programs (Anti Phishing)
• Vulnerability testing and scanning

Cloud Services Integration
• Migration to or from cloud-based platforms
• Flexible and scalable storage solutions
• MS Teams Business Phone setup/migration
• Integration of cloud applications
Enterprise-grade IT infrastructure
• Scalable network architecture design
• Optimized Virtualization solutions
• High availability for critical systems
• Fully Cloud Managed Network infrastructure

Case Studies

Seamless backend support for a global company

Client A is a dynamic middle-sized company with over 150 employees spread across multiple offices worldwide. With an in-house IT manager responsible for daily operations, the company needed reliable backend support to ensure their server and network systems were robust and responsive.

Enhancing IT efficiency for a very known charity

Client B, a non-profit organization dedicated to charitable activities in the Lower Mainland, manages a substantial operation with over 30 users under the guidance of an IT consultant. However, they were encountering significant IT challenges that hindered their operational efficiency.

Streamlining Operations for Enhanced Efficiency

A client was facing significant operational inefficiencies due to an ad-hoc mix of business and personal Microsoft 365 (MS365) accounts. The inconsistency in Office applications, with some users lacking access to necessary apps and others using outdated versions...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are managed services, and how do they benefit my business?

What factors determine the cost of your MSP service?

Do you offer on-site services in addition to remote assistance?

How quickly do your services respond?

About us

A personal touch

A brief introduction to FrontierMSP

Welcome to the story of FrontierMSP, where our journey began over 30 years ago as a humble computer retailer Yep, back when computers were the size of small cars and floppy disks were all the rage. Fast forward through the tech revolution, and here we are, embracing the digital age with open arms. From brick-and-mortar to e-Commerce, then diving into the world of B2B, and now proudly serving as a trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Our mission as an MSP? Well, it's pretty straightforward. We're all about serving our local community – because, hey, there's nothing quite like neighborly support. We're here to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) tackle their IT needs with confidence, whether it's troubleshooting a pesky network issue or setting up a killer cloud infrastructure.

Most importantly, we're committed to providing services with a personal touch – no robots here, just real humans with real warmth and expertise. Because let's face it, technology is great and all, but nothing beats good old-fashioned human connection.

Our Team

Paul Watson

CTO & Director of Managed Services

Self-proclaimed computer geek - 18 years of experience with Business hardware and systems. Outside of work, I spend time with my dog Chappie and keep busy with Sailing and Disc Golf.

Justin Tabish

MSP IT Manager

Throughout my over 20-year journey in Information Technology, I've cultivated a diverse skill set spanning Kubernetes, Network Engineering, DevOps, L2 Blockchain Development, and more. My proficiency extends to languages like ReactJS, JavaScript, C#, ASM, and Python. With Cisco certifications and senior roles within Internet Service Provider Network Operation Centers under my belt, I'm equipped to tackle complex IT projects head-on. I'm excited to leverage my experience and expertise to drive innovation and make a meaningful impact in the field.

Jason Zheng

Senior IT Specialist

Experienced Senior IT Specialist with in-depth expertise in computer systems and networking.

Cameron Vanderraad

Sales Account Manager

I have been providing IT solutions to businesses across North America for more than 15 years and I'm now well versed in desktops computers, laptops, workstations, servers, monitors, printers, networking, surveillance, barcoding, point of sale, digital signage and more. I have focused experience with Lenovo, Supermicro, Viewsonic, Lexmark, Epson, TP-Link, Hikvision, Zebra, Honeywell, Epson, Star Micronics and Elo Touch, just to name a few of the most popular brands. I'm here to help so let's talk!

Desmond Ho

Manager, Accounts & Business Development

An avid cyclist, bike packer and outdoor enthusiast, I have been in the IT industry for almost 3 decades; my main focus is understanding the needs and wants of our corporate clients in an ever changing technological environment, bringing to them the best IT practices and solutions and making ourselves an invaluable partner to them as we work towards success together!

Simran Toor

Technical Sales Specialist

I combine my technical expertise with sales skills to understand client needs, propose customized IT solutions, create proposals, and nurture client relationships to drive business growth.

Jamie Hamilton

Senior Developer

Proficiency in both frontend and backend web application development. Working with new services and APIs to stay at the forefront of new technologies is critical to my role.

Yi, Sun

Procurement Manager & Finance

Working in the IT industry for 15+ years with mixed experience of Procurement, marketing, financing. my mantra: "get it done, sooner the better".

Laurence Luo


From coding enthusiast to visionary CEO, my journey has made myself change to leading a tech company for over three decades. As founder and CEO, I've shifted from coding to strategic business thinking, always with an eye on creating maximum value for our clients and enhancing our company's offerings. When I'm not at the helm, I love yoga and singing.

Wendy Tang

CFO Executive & Marketing Coordinator

With my many years of working experience in the Vancouver IT industry, I'd like to see our MSP services bring good value to our customers' business needs. While we may not be the largest or only option available, we are the best fit for you.


Contact us below for a customized service plan that meets your needs and budget. Every business is different and our flexible natures lets us provide you with the best offerings for your specific needs.

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