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Migrating your office to the cloud can be a daunting task. Let the experts handle it for you, right here in Vancouver.

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Benefits of the cloud
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Microsoft Azure is a platform of over 100 services. It empowers businesses to deploy their entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. Save money on hardware maintenance and only pay for what you use.

4 reasons to consider the cloud

  • Is the security and sensitivity of your company resources important?

    Your company LAN is the safest place for your data, right? It's easy to think that way, but in practice it's often not the case. All it takes is one server with outdated software to potentially compromise your entire network. Just as you trust your money at the bank rather than under your mattress, it's best to leave security to those who specialize in it.

  • Do you or your employees need to work outside the office?

    Maybe your number of remote workers is growing, or maybe you need to give private access to some files to outside individuals. With a cloud-based solution, your employees can get work done anywhere with an Internet connection.

  • Are you tired of purchasing costly servers and networking equipment?

    Not to mention the cost of maintenance. Cloud-based solutions emphasize easy scalability, and only paying for what you use

  • How much did that last outage effect the operation of your business?

    Redundancy is a core feature of many cloud platforms.

Our Azure migration process

1. Select approprate services

Will your web application be best in App Service or in a VM? There are over 5 services for hosting SQL Server databases, which one is right for you? We assess your needs and budget to build the best solution.

2. Migrate

We transfer your inboxes with zero downtime, and work with your staff to ensure each workstation is migrated to Azure AD smoothly.

3. Manage

Let us fully manage your new solution so you can focus on your business. Or, keep us on call only when you need help.