We provide a fully managed VoIP phone system with Microsoft Teams Voice.

From the initial migration, to managing users, menus, and settings, we have you covered.

Most other hosted PBX providers charge big money, including hidden fees for their softphone client and other features. With Teams Voice, you pay only for the subscription to the base license, plus the addon voice license. This is a fraction of the cost of what a hosted PBX provider charges, not to mention all the great benefits.

Most VoIP Teams Voice
Unlimited domestic calling
With optional long-distance addons.
Call from any device, at no extra charge
Apps for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.
Unlimited auto-attendants and call queues
You won't pay extra for additional ones.

By integrating Teams Voice, calls can be received anywhere, on any device. Whether you are remote working from home using your mobile or in the office. Why have a separate application or piece of hardware when you can simply use a product that you are no doubt already using every day. If you have not been introduced to Teams yet, then get in touch and one of our team members would be happy to show you what it has to offer.

When you adopt Microsoft Teams Voice, this allows you to fully integrate with other Teams features such as messaging, meetings, emails, and documents, thus enabling a more fluid and efficient way of working.

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